Why are your rates so much less for the same coverage I have with another broker or company?

Aviation insurance rates are more subjective and less regulated than other types of insurance. In most other lines of insurance, such as home and auto, there are millions of units insured and past losses can accurately be used to predict future losses and set rates accordingly (law of large numbers). The United States, which has the largest number of civil aircraft in the world, has only about 250,000-300,000 aircraft on which to base rating and underwriting guidelines. It is much more difficult to determine a premium on an individual risk because a single accident can determine profit or loss for the aviation division of an insurance company. One insurance company may rate an aircraft/pilot combination two or three times more expensive than another company for the same coverage based on their subjective preferences or recent loss experience. We constantly stay apprised of the changing underwriting appetites of all the aviation insurance markets so we be assured that our clients are receiving a competitive rate from a reputable insurance carrier.