If you have a claim:

Make sure that everyone is all right. Arrange for first aid if medical care is needed. Do not delay.

Take the necessary steps to protect the aircraft from further damage. The insurance carrier will reimburse you for reasonable expenses.

Contact authorities as required. Click here to review NTSB notification procedures. You may be asked by local law enforcement, FAA and NTSB to show them your airman and airplane paperwork. Cooperate with the authorities.

Speak only with governmental officials regarding the incident. Do not make any statements to press or anyone not representing the FAA or other appropriate authorities until the insurance company has given their approval.

Do not have repairs started until the insurance carrier has given their approval.

You should contact us as soon as practical.

We can be reached after normal business hours in an emergency by calling our phone number 203-262-1552 and dialing extension #1.